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The collected poems of Tommy Tears performed at Harmony Cafe in Appleton Wisconsin.

TommyT Beaners Cafe

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written 11-22-06

 Humpty Dumpty (?)

 Charles said

That Rain Cares

I for One

Chilled out in Aire

To One Stuck in

Royalty – as Pawn

To Bishop – sequence of

Starrs – D-lite of Men

Struggle w/your Heart

And it shall keep your


In Model of The Infinite


07-12-07 ~ Thursday ~ after park concert!

The Leaf

That Dies

 In His Heart of

Hearts He Rested as Leaf

Springing Here, There

Alone and Happy Summer-

Time Leaf of Love

To the eternal mystery tree~

sunshine drank Him in

I could not gaze toward what was

pure under the leaf

I and the Leaf Brothers forever

Smoke and Sunshine and Flowers

These Three!

TommyT LabrinthPal

 07-26th-2007 Thursday

  Life In

The Circle

Touching Angel wings

Has not been easy

Touching Art as love

Has Been Sacred (!)

My own feelings Arched

Over in to speaking Magic

Have Left me Superficial

Have Left Me Like The

Sacred Drums

Cold and un-caring

Whispering my own faults

To Grandmother

My own Response

Arched in to Being

Have settled into My


 And now reside As Love


The Greatest Mystery in

A Frozen Cycle

 The Greatest Day of A

Single Year

Taught and Untaught

Frozen and Thawed

Beginning and Ending

Chosen to Die

As Bird

Of a Yellow Streak in perpetual

Flight – Not caring Any More (!)



The Gold That I Wear

Around My Neck

 They say That Only

Cafes can count The Words

you say

That only The Birds can

fly backwards

In the coffee cups

I watch out the window

And see the world spin


 So many beautiful


Engaged To me and

my coffee

Say to Me Dear God

How many you’ve


To say the Magic


Of a coffee

 cup, a Paper

and a walking Life

In Harmony

with All Life,



TommyTears Video


Nectar of Her Nectar

Time of My Time

Stand motionless for


Breathe me in

Into your self

Roaring wave That you


The Weather of A Thousand

Life Times

Waltzing into A

Drowning Diamond River


8-1-007  Wednesday 

She Looks At Me

She looks at me

Wild hair-flowers in her eyes

Spark of the Golden Sunshine

Mist of the Golden Sun

I began to talk

We Stop together

To Listen to the Art

in our Words

The touch She Studies

into my body

Has started to Rain

Rain from then Pure-land-Flower

Another Rain from Another Day

Lifting us as two

drawn together

By Our Numb Art

By The Only Bridge

we’ve Ever crossed

Two Lights on A

Beacon from a downtown

Planted in Your eyes

Planted to Spread Love

In my union with a page

That spoke You Name Daily

As match-stick men

We saw your Divinity

Eyes on a Page Aglow

Eyes that Have only yesterday

Eyes That rapidly dance away

Sun has come now

Lay down your land

Speak my Name

Of Silent-Thunder-Eyes

Till We Both Cannot Breathe

Even Now

Even Death Stares


of many

Beginning to Revolve

All our Beginnings

Of Sun

 TommyT Orange


When I Sleep

She Sleeps

 She Started as A

Whisper to my Heart

She Slept Like A Lady

Many Times ~

Never Parting ~

I understood her


Her Own Map of Mind

Her Own to be Had on

An evening of it’s


She stands Silent Now

Her Eternity inches

from my Heart


Scanned from Both Sides

She Looks At Me

I Respond with

A Kiss

Of Loves’s first


Of The echoing Heart

Of Youth in ecstacy

Of What a Will Knows

to Have Grown There

To Be the Eternity

To Be an aching

Dream of Pictures

Only she can Fill

Touch Me Deeply Now

Be Not Afraid

I am You and You

are Me


8-22nd ~ 20007

(Shar’s) a Wednesday Evening

The Sun of

The North Man

Heavy in The Sky

All eyes Watch The Sun Walk

Walking into it’s Path

of Mystery

Is a comet

Breaking it’s stride

with Life

The Silent Orb of

Yesterday ~ Tilted Like

A Stop Sign

Matching breath with

my tree

Whose roots become

as man

And in the Heart

of the calming Woman

The vines grow

Deep into Night

A tender Wall of

Riddles touching the

eyelids of the cave man’s

calm being

A Full Circle of Delight

developing in His Beard of


Playing into the Night

with what’s Left of The

Golden Sun of Ram’s Horns

The Delicious mystery upon

Her lips

That only Now creates

Murder on A Page

That Only Now will

Sing One Song

To Stop catching

Her Breath With Page

~ United ~


8-29-07        8:45 pm

 What She Wore

Last Night

 Deep in Her own

Darkness ~ I see Her Light

Chasing me Down To The

River of Her Life

Chasing some Wild Man

That didn’t know Her Name

But…continued to

Love Her


Continued Like Water Fall

Touching Her Dreams

Lighting Them on Fire


Reaching out, as I do

for Her

She learns My Name


Learns that Real Men

Just Don’t Speak

They Learn


And Learn to Love

Her in Her own Strength


To Abide There, in A

Tree Of Silent Brush

A Brushing off of the

Cold Between Us


Off All Words in All


As She Spells love

Between Us, For The Thousandeth


Chasing me Like Dymond



A Total Waltz of Her

Imagination For us


Beginning to grow into

A Bird

Settling down between us

into A Spell


9-19-written – 8pm – 2007  it’s about love

 She Was The

Moon Light

Tucked between Her

tears Was My Soule


Of Silver-Gold and

struggling things


Of All The Mystery a

Woman was Made


To Wet my Eyes in the

Middle of Ecstacy

Cast about by my

Own Love of Seas


A threaded Touch of Cold



Lake of My Lake

Her back yard

Of black woods


She the Stolen Kiss

of Day

Comes to my lonely

World with the First

Touch of Winter

Lags Claim to

struggling words in her


And Adds Chapters

To Books yet Written

I swim next to Her


And Settle there

Nesting Like a Black



That Stings Like the

Valley of Her Heart


into the Day, Sun Arrives

Marking old paths

To Her Love


She says:

I am the Moon

You are the Sun

We will kiss

until all stars

close in a mighty




TommyT Pensive

10-10-007 JB.  9:30 pm wednesday It’s about living


The Life That goes

And Goes

i watch as they

carry me down into the



calling my name of Gold


calling upon the Creator to

send His Blessing


I am full of Love in

this moment


for those who put me here


who believed


who did not care that

i was wrong


that loved me anyway


i pick up the pieces

of my broken life


and put them together

for myself


and Tell God He was



That only He could

Care for me


Could love the man

they called Impossible



10-16-2007 7:30pm ~ a Tuesday night ~

I’m gonna make the tune to this song up now

Screaming Electra

                                                                      Refrain:          Saw the Sun

call my name

From Blue Smoke

From the Blue Smoke

of time

Saw the Sun

Filter Love Down

From Blue Smoke

From Cloud Nine


Saw the Sun

Scream Electra

into Blue Smoke

the Blue Smoke of Youth


Saw the Sun

in Your Eyes

Turn to Blue Smoke

to the Blue Smoke of Love


The Sun is Setting

Into Blue Smoke

Reminding me

Of your Love Forgotten

To Refrain –

to be sung 10-18-2007


Refrain:                                               Saw the Sun

Call my Name

From Blue Smoke

From The Blue Smoke of Time


TommyT Thoughtful2

Penned 10-30 – Hollow’s eve – 2,000 seven (7) 8:30 pm 

 i rewrote Amazing Grace for your entertainment (!)


Amazing Grace


  Amazing Grace

                                                         How sweet The Sound

                                                          That Saved

                                                          A wretch

                                                          Like me…

                                                          I once

                                                          was lost

                                                           But now… 

                                                          Am found

                                                          was Blind

                                                          But now

                                                          I see…

                                                        I Saw The Sun

                                                        Set Down

                                                         It’s Light…

                                                         and Save

                                                         What it could Not…

                                                         I Think

                                                         that I

                                                         Have Found

                                                         What I

                                                         Have Seeked


                                                        His Soule

                                                          And when We’ve Been

                                                          Watching Skies open up

                                                          I’ll send

                                                           The Love

                                                           That was…

                                                           His Heart

                                                           All over…

                                                           You and Me

                                                           To Touch

                                                           The Soul

                                                           We couldn’t



                                                          Amazing Grace

                                                          How Sweet the Sound


                                                         A wretch

                                                          Like Me…

                                                          I once

                                                          was Lost

                                                          But Now

                                                          Am Found 

                                                          Was Blind

                                                          But Now

                                                          I See…

                                                      Thank You!


Written  11-14th-W-2007 7AM

I’ll write this poem then the 2nd one will be impromptu and related to the one first one that’s written!


Thanksgiving Marbles

 In the towne that walked

on Stilts that Thanksgiving


I walk The turkey Home to

the brood of talking


Talking turkeys lined up

like Christmas

So far that their heads

bobble and jump at their

own sound in my ears


Trumpets of an age when

songs were sung

and gifts passed out


Passed out so that Turkeys

could walk freely.  Filling their

pockets w/gold (!)


Some day Santa will ride

a wild Turkey home to the



And sign his name on

the walls. And watch as Rudolph

brings his tray of Food


I’m alone now in my mind

a sign and a signal of

Christmas and Thanksgiving love

and care on an island marked

for not for profit time

 thanks              tommy tears


now i’ll fashion a 2nd Thanksgiving poeme impromptu associated w/the first one ~ i hope!



 TommyT ShadowLabrinth

thanks              tommy tears