Sonic Ponderings Series

The Sonic Ponderings Series offers the use of electronic atmospheres as a canvas to enhance inquiry or other ponderings.

 Oceans of Time:  An organic mixture of synthesized and natural soundscapes.

     Oceans of Time

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1.  Oceans of Time          MP3 sample
2.  Angelica                      MP3 sample
3.  Mysterious Region     MP3 sample
4.  Metaphysician            MP3 sample


 Techno Dreams:  Let's put on our spacesuits and go inside. Electronic soundscapes for pondering...

  Techno Dreams

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1. Oblique Landing           MP3 sample
2. Techno Dream  
           MP3 sample
3. DroneX 
                        MP3 sample
4. Sustainable    
               MP3 sample
5. Primary
                         MP3 sample
6. Mental Currents
           MP3 sample

Electro-Thought: This first release of the Sonic Ponderings series provides sonic atmospheres to aid inquiry of subtle meanings. These backdrops are futuristic and nurturing to aid in one's inner pondering.


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1.   Central Resonance     MP3 sample
2.   Technoid Drive           MP3 sample
3.   Velvety Moment        MP3 sample
4.   Electro End                 MP3 sample