The Recordings of Electric Path

The recordings of Electric Path combine World Music with an electronic edge as only Another Plane Records would.

 Nebula of Dreams:  Spacey soundscapes to drift off with. Can also provide sonic masking from noisy coworkers or neighbors.   

  Nebula of Dreams

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      Nebula of Dreams      MP3 sample_A
                                           MP3 sample_B

 Trance Sister:  Initial release of the Electric Path Series. This CD is unique in its combining of World music with electronic ambiance and dance.

   Trance Sister

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1. Trance Sister               MP3 Sample
2. Blue Energy
                MP3 Sample
3. Turbulence
4. Asian Haze 
                MP3 Sample
5. Forward Motion
6. SpaceMelon Man
        MP3 Sample
7. TranceSisterized
8. Rest and Peace 
          MP3 Sample