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Several mp3 samples are available for each CD. The file sizes have been kept small to allow for faster downloads. Clicking on CD covers provides larger view. Entire CDs may be purchased securely through CDbaby using the associated BUY buttons.

Recent Releases   *******************************

Meta:  Synthesized atmospheres and metaphysical environments. A tribute to master magician Harry Houdini. Eerie and electronic.  

                                                                Unavailable currently
1.  Meta                                MP3 sample
2.  Mysterious Craft            MP3 sample
3.  Unbounded
4.  Promise
5.  Sitar Fantasy                   MP3 sample
6.  Encapsulate
7.  Destination
8.  Lullaby for Tomorrow     MP3 sample

 Levitation:  Synthesized atmospheres for introspective thought. Yes, suspended.  

                                                               Unavailable currently

1.  Levitation                    MP3 sample
2.  In Flight                       MP3 sample
3.  Solar Patterns             MP3 sample               
4.  Surreal Images          
5.  Glass Stairway          
6.  Clouds Float By          MP3 sample

 Trancendentalist:  Beats inspired by Nature, Intuition and Virtual Technology. Psy-Trance meets the transcendentalists !  

Trancendentalist  Trancendentalist

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1.  Trancendentalist                    MP3 sample
2.  Eerie Enlightenment              MP3 sample
3.  Intuition
4.  Synth Talk                             MP3 sample
5.  Somewhat Vague Intent
6.  Only That Day Dawns          MP3 sample
7.  Many Paths Home
8.  BirdTron
9.  ReEnlightenment                  MP3 sample

Many varied artist CD releases are available below.


Space music built upon fantasy and technology.


Combining World Music with an electronic edge as only Another Plane Records would.


Mystical leanings with electronic backdrops. Combining Techno with the mystic arts.


The Sonic Ponderings Series uses electronic atmospheres to enhance inquiry or other ponderings.


Providing meditation practice support with the uncommon use of synthesized sonic textures.

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