The Recordings of Mystic Tech

Mystical leanings with electronic backdrops. These recordings produce other planes of existence by combining Techno with the mystic arts.


 Water Magic: Electronic realizations of water events. Subtle, synthesized and unique.

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1. Water Magic                  MP3 sample
2. Rainy Day
3.eWhale Seeks Mate   
    MP3 sample
4. Submerged
                     MP3 sample
5. Streaming
6. Rub A Dub
7. Crashing Surf 
                MP3 sample
8. Outer Time 
                    MP3 sample
9. Raging Stream
10. Rain Storm
11. Water Falls 
                  MP3 sample

Once beyond a ... Winter Solstice: This CD features a very different type of seasonal music. It is authentic in spirit but quite musically unique. It encompasses traditional sounds but also includes exotic ones like Theremin, Sitar and is very electronic based. A CD that is at once both unusual and relevant. A must have for those who are adventurous in their musical tastes.

Winter Solstice is the traditional celebration of the turning point in nature's cycle toward longer days and the return of warmer weather. This holiday was celebrated by many cultures in early times but has been largely replaced with Christmas. Winter Solstice had very serious meaning to the people living in colder climates who faced a bleak and unsure existence during the winter months. Celebrate again this turning point of the long Winter season in a modern musical context.

 Once beyond a ... Winter Solstice

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1. Deck the Halls                                        MP3 Sample
2 Celtic Drums
3. Winter Playland                         
4. Dancing Toward Spring
5. Icy Reflections 
6. Winter's Promise                                    MP3 Sample
7. Shortest Day                                           MP3 Sample
8. Holly Ivy Mistletoe and Pine
9. Carol of the Bells
10. Longest Night
11. Flute and Harp
12. Theremin Red Green and White         MP3 Sample
13. Solstice Bells                                        MP3 Sample
14. MotherShip Earth                                MP3 Sample


Shamanic Journey: Gently hovering between thoughtfulness and meditation upon the mystical sounds of a space oriented shaman. Meditative but with a technical backdrop and a mystical presence.

 Shamanic Journey

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1. Presence                                   MP3 sample
2. Tranquility
3. Shamanic Journey                   MP3 sample
4. Dreaming Thunder                  MP3 sample

Seque Age: Sequences of rhythm combine with other worldly sounds in ways that are at once mystical and mysterious, magic and wonderful.


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1. Technical  Drive                             MP3 sample
2. Arpegg                                            MP3 sample
3. Sonic Pulsation
4. Transfixed
5. Fundamental                                   MP3 sample
6. Bounce
7. Morphing Drums
8. Paradigm Shift                                MP3 sample
9. Kaliimba Synthesis
10. Eastern Paths                               MP3 sample
11. Blissful                                          MP3 sample
12. Enoesk                                          MP3 sample
13. Thumb Piano Theme
14. SequeAge                                     MP3 sample
15. Harmonic Excursion                    MP3 sample
16. Ringing Chimes                           MP3 sample