Cyber Meditation Series

The Cyber Meditation Series provide support for your meditation practice with the uncommon use of synthesized sonic textures and backgrounds  

 Mysterious Presence: These are NewAge meditative atmospheres. Composed with synthesizer textures, more NewAge reflective than usual, for your own unique meditative practice. 

  Mysterious Presence

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1. Subtle Dreams        MP3 sample
2. Inner Vortex           MP3 sample

 Tranquil Moments: Soothing and  reflective aids for your meditative practice. These sonic atmospheres help to mask outside noise and settle the inner mind. Cool and refreshing.

  Tranquil Moments

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1.  Tranquility                  MP3 sample
2.  UnEnding                    MP3 sample


 Returnings: Return to a harmonious and meditative state with this first offering of the Cyber Meditation series. These calming atmospheres help you gto relax and prepare for meditation or even as an aid for sleeping. Synthesized sounds are used in a way that is both natural and empowering. 


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1.   Babbling Data Streams    MP3 sample
2.   Wavelet Theory                MP3 sample
3.   Changing Tides                 MP3 sample
4.   Timeless and Endless       MP3 sample